Sunday, March 27

Irrational fear?

I need to know if I'm being rational, or not. If I am sitting and taking a bath when a thunder and lightening storm rolls in, I must immediately exit the bathtub. It's complete aggitation, there is no way I can possibly remain sitting in the water. I'm pretty sure that this is just some hang up left over from my childhood and swimming pool evacuations, but I'm just not sure. What are the chances of me getting fried if I stay in the bath during a thunderstorm? Small I'm sure, but how small. If I knew this then perhaps I'll be able to geal with my urge to run.

One of my dear friends checked this out for me. She said:
This was just tested on Mythbusters. You are safe in modern homes which are well grounded so bathe away.

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Kristina said...

Heh. I remember hearing this too and avoid showers and baths during thunderstorms... not that we GET them here in Seattle (ah, how I miss the midwest thunderstorms). I did a bit of googling and, indeed, the safety recommendation is to avoid the bath/shower during a storm. So it's not at all irrational.