Tuesday, March 29

Ode to a toothbrush

Yesterday, I went for what was supposed to be a routine teeth cleaning, but it turned out to be something altogether different. Generally, I’m a pretty low plaque person and, while I’m far from perfect, I take reasonably good care of my mouth. However, it seems that the lovely young lady that has cleaned my teeth the last couple times, while I was living up in Tulsa, missed a few spots. My new dental clinic found some “deep pockets” of plaque which Dan, my new hygienist, dug out. Can you say Ow! Yesterday, my mouth felt like an inflamed fireball. My deepest apologies to my dear mother, who was has had extensive dental and gum work done, for not truly realizing what it was she was going through and I realize hers was worst, much worst.

The point of the whole story is that I have been contemplating buying one of those nifty electric spin brush for a while, but frankly I’ve been too cheap to do so. After my traumatic dental experience, instead of debating about it for the next six months, I took the plunge and bought a Braun Oral-B 7850 DLX. Wow! I must have the cleanest mouth in the world.

I know the novelty will dissipate, but
I have no idea how I survived before this. They give you detailed instructions on exactly how to use it with guaranteed results. It comes with three different toothbrush heads a soft, and extra soft and a pointy brush for getting between your teeth, and there’s a back up of each. It also came with a second powerhandle that I’m unsuccessful trying to get my husband to try. It also has a timing mechanism so that you spend the reccomended 30 seconds in each quadrant of your mouth.

So this is my new toy. I figure if I continue to play with it as much as I have been I will erase the bad impression I must have made on my first trip to the hygienist. Like they really care about these things. Hum, maybe I'll look into whitening next.

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