Friday, April 22

Friday Feast

Courtesy of Friday's Feast (a buffet for your brain)

Name something that helps you fall asleep.
A fan, as white noise.

Who brings out the best in you?
This one had me stumped. I keep thinking I should say my husband, but one face just keeps popping up in my head. I know she'll eventually read this, so I feel a little corny. The person who brings out the best in me is a very good friend from college. She's an ENFP. We met our first day away at college and she disarmed me with her enthusiastic friendship. We really became "best pals". Somehow, we have managed to stay close despite lapses in communication and the distance between our homes. We do things very differently, but I feel like I can be my complete utter true self with her. With her I feel like my true self is the best.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Sleep in. It's the best sleep in the world.

Main Course
Complete this sentence: In our home, we never have enough...
Cookies!!! I rarely bring them into the house and when I do my husband eats them all in record time.

Which shoe do you put on first?
My right, always.


Juliet said...

Cookies? Mmmm...what kind are your favorite? I have a favorite recipe from my mother in law that has oatmeal and stuff. MMMMmmmm...oops! Now I am hungry. B

Lora said...

I think that hermit cookies are my favorite, but I love oat meat cookies especially with rasins in them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lora! I was going to tell you about personality types when I read this entry, and saw you mention your ENFP friend. I wanted to encourage you to get the book, Please Understand ME II, so that you could determine your hubby's type. It really helped me to read and re-read my hubby's type, INTJ, basically an affectionate Mr. Spock. Smart as a whip with formulas and equations, philosophies, and strategies. Not so good at romance... Do you know your husband's type and your own? I'm an ENFP and all NF's seek romance, so that's my own personal battle.

I love your journal! Very engaging. It'll be on my favorites.


tapestrygirl said...

you too.