Saturday, April 30

My friend's lost of her four-legged companion

I received a very sad phone call this morning from my dear friend, tapestrygirl. She wanted to let me know in person that her poor little puppy had passed away this morning.

Okay, in reality Maggie was 9 years old, and hardly a puppy anymore. Maggie was a delightful miniature beagle. In my mind's eye, she'll always be a puppy. Julee saved her from a pet store that doesn't take proper care of their wards. She fussed over and delighted in Maggie as only an ENFP could. In her own turn, Maggie's been a great companion to Jules as she's gone through some tough times and difficult transitions.

Maggie's health has been worrisome for the past few weeks and tapestrygirl has been quite distraught. At great cost, she has carted her off to the vet numerous times in an attempt to get Maggie back on her feet again, but to no avail. With very labored breath, Maggie's life came to an end early this morning as Julee sat with her.

From speaking with her this morning, I got the impression that she seems to think that there is more that she could have or should have done. I know that these feelings are the natural reaction to the loss of somebody that you have cared for, but I also know that Julee went above and beyond what most pet owners would have done. My heart really goes out to her in her grief. I wish I could just give her a big hug and bring a young, vital Maggie back to her.


tapestrygirl said...

i love you

oceanskies79 said...

I don't know what to say to be comforting. I just wanted to write a short message to your friend, tapestrygirl, that my thoughts are with her. I believe her dear puppy will continue to be with her, in her memories. Hope time will heal the grief, slowly but surely.

Lora said...

Pei Yun,
You are incredibly sweet. I have no doubt that tapestrygirl will find comfort in your concern.