Sunday, April 24

She gloats with satisfaction

What would posses me to go to the Arboretum, an outdoor mall, on a Sunday afternoon? What a foolish place to be. But I’m desperately in need of a mega-bookstore fix, and Barnes and Noble has Starbucks coffee and Cheesecake Factory deserts. Plus, the true deciding factor, I have a discount card there.

So, after pulling into the wrong entrance, I and about a dozen other cars weave in and around the idiotically design parking lot, the kind that seems to permeate Austin. When what before my wondering eyes should appear, but a Buick that is maneuvering, is it in, or is it out, of a parking spot a mere 50 feet away from my target.

Knowing my lack of luck in such matters, I’m not sure if I dare hope. So, I wait and see, as cars with salivating drivers pile up in my rearview mirror, eyeing my prey. Still he is maneuvering, because in this land of SUV’s we believe in compact parking spaces. Maybe?

And yes, I’m in luck! I pounce and claim my prize. Once again, proving that patience and good looks really do pay off. Jealous drivers glare and mumble because they know that now I can go eat my chocolate cake, while they must still find a place to dock their yachts.

Even the rain lets up so that I can walk to the door without lugging a wet umbrella throughout the store. I come my loves. This is a special day.


And what is even more foolish is that I actually thought I might find a place to sit in the café. So, I skipped the cake, got a Mochaccino, found a corner to camp out in and feasted on the few books they had in stock about blogging instead.


jane said...

Sounds like fun! I can totally relate to your parking place experience also--great description :)

Lora said...

Thank you.

Julie said...

MMmmmmm---Starbucks...Cheesecake Factory....Barnes and Noble---I miss home! Do you think you could email me a wal-mart? :)