Thursday, April 28

What I woke up too

Yellow Bell Pepper, Week Five
My First Bloom of the Season

I also purchased some small peppermint, flat leaf parsley, and cilantro plants that I plan to repot today. I, finally, took the time to do some reading about growing herbs in Southern climes; and it looks like I would have been better off starting my "herb garden" in the fall. Good thing I didn't know that when I started this venture. Because, I really like having the herbs around.

The Cucumber Plant has lots of developing buds, too.


Waterfall said...

Nice pictures. I tried to grow several herbs last summer, but am afraid I don't have much of a green thumb (yet). Our parsley and rosemary did great, but everything else just kind of gave up the ghost before summer was out.

Thanks, BTW, for your good wishes for my interview. It went well!

RANDI said...

My daughter started in indoor herb garden and the plants are just starting to peek out of the ground!

We get to plant our outside garden this weekend-I love it! It is so wonderful to go into the backyard and "pick" a salad for dinner!

Lora said...

I don't have much of a green thumb either, but it gets a little greener each time I use it. One of the advantages of doing a container garden is that once summer gets to hot I can bring it inside and still have wonderful organic herbs readily available.

Ellen said...

I love cooking with fresh herbs. I have no green thumb whatsoever, but the advantage of living in CA is that you can't go too wrong...things just grow here if you remember to water them. :) Good luck with your little guys!

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oceanskies79 said...

I must say you have green fingers, that just simply do a great job with gardening. Your plants must have love you.