Tuesday, May 3

10 Plans for this Summer

1. Lose the eleven pounds that I gained last summer from relocating! Weight Watchers here I come.
2. Move to a larger apartment, I hope.
3. Eat my veggies. 3 and a half cups a day, that's a lot of roughage.
4. Try to get preggers, and have fun trying!
Turn 34. (tick-tock, tick-tock)
6. Have my best friend from high school down to visit!
7. Swim in Barton Springs, so that I may become a true Austinite.
8. Enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs from my garden.
9. Read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
10. And of course, further develop my blog.

Courtesy of Ten on Tuesday.
This was their announced topic for this week despite their connection difficulties.


∙Ϊ®!§ђ∙©ћịℓÐ∙ said...

Hey - Love your blog. I came across it a while ago and come back often...

So, I did this personality quiz thing & it said I'm a "ISFP" - what the heck does that mean?

I'll probably put a link on my blog to yours (if that's ok?), since I go to yours so often - plus it's given me inspiration for fun stuff to put on my blog...


Mel said...

Cool list!

Lora said...

βΣЋ- Thanks for inspiring my next post. And have you ever met a blogger that would object to you linking them? Well, I'm not one of them. Thanks.

Mel- Thanks!

RANDI said...

I am trying to up my veggie consumption too-seeing 3 1/2 cups in print makes it seem like soooo much! But I suppose with a garden, it will be easier!