Wednesday, May 11

Blogger has been misbehaving

Do you realize how very frustrating it is when you are bopping around at your favorite blog haunts and you cannot make comments?

I like to comment. I like to make people feel like they are being heard. I like to let them know I think they are important. Don't worry, I lurk plenty of places too; but if I think somebody will appreciate me saying something and I have something to say, I say it. I especially try to comment when I visit the sites of somebody who has commented on mine. In fact, I feel like a big doo-doo head if I don't.

That's why this was afternoon I was particularly frustrated. I've been trying to spend a little less time on the computer the past few days, because I've really had been overdoing it. However, I still want to check in with the people I normally check in with and respond to comments etc. Perhaps share a quick and silly post, as I am apt to do. So, not one, but two afternoons in a row, blogger has put the kabash on that plan.

Yesterday, they were very considerate and they let us know about it. They also had a plan for when it would be over. So, I simply packed my bags, did some desperately needing to be done housework, and came back to play later. But today, I had no little note telling me everything would be okay. Things just simply wouldn't work.

Here I am reading and trying to share my responses to the various new posts on a site that I haven't gotten a chance to visit in a few days and it wouldn't give me a comment page. Grrr. So then I tried to visit another of my favorite blogger sites and, Grrr, it took it about three minutes to load. Of course, I also could not comment there. Then I blindly went to grumble about it on my own dear blog and after taking me another three minutes to load, it wouldn't let me post. Double Grrr.

Not to be hindered from my mission, I decided to visit my favorite non-blogger haunts instead; which is a much shorter list then I realized. Finally, I stop by at the Huffington Post and saw an amusing article I wanted to share; but I CAN'T, because blogger won’t let me post!

That's when I gave up and found something else to do. So perhaps instead of being frustrated with blogger I should be grateful. My desk, which I haven’t been able to find for the past couple weeks is now completely cleaned off, and all the random things I've dumping on it are now properly filed and put away. If they do it again tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get to that layer of dust that I keep noticing.

I wonder what exciting improvements blogger is making? Spell check? Grammar Check? Categories? If any of the blogger gods are listening out there, I'd really love categories, like people who use Moveable Type have.


RANDI said...

Hi! The word "doo-doo head" is cracking me up!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Lora. It has been nice of you to visit my blog and leave your kind comments.

I am sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with the slow response of Blogger's comments function. I hope Blogger would rectify the problem soon.

Pearl said...

Seems to be a peak hour thing. Equivalent of electrical brownouts.

Waterfall said...

Hey Lora, your comments are definitely appreciated. Have you tried using Haloscan for your own blog? I like it a LOT better than Blogger comments.

Yeah, I'm wondering what's going on with Blogger--what kind of improvements they are working on--that has it frozen up so often. Though I must admit it's been a lot better lately than it was several months ago.

Congrats on finding your desk! I need to do that too one of these days. :)

Sue said...

How very frustrating. I haven't had any problems myself, but perhaps that's because I'm on a different time-zone and the blogger upgrading happens when I'm asleep. Or in the mornings, when I'm determined not to switch my computer on. Otherwise it takes over...

I too very much appreciate all your comments on my blog :-)

Lora said...

Sue- Your site was actually the one I was stuck on unable to comment on. I obviously, I had lots to share.

Waterfall- Thanks for the suggestion. I actually had thought about doing that, but I remember you telling me that when you switched over to Haloscan you lost all your previous comments. Until I figure out a way around that, I'm not going to risk it. I'm actually considering switching to a new locale.

Pearl- I hadn't considered that possibility.

Oceanskies- Thank you.

Randi- =D I actually asked my husband if I was spelling it correctly. To which he gave me an incredulous look which I interperted as, "You think I would ever consider writing something like that!"