Sunday, May 1

A Day at the Airfield

My hubby is a planes, trains, and automobiles kind of guy. Long before I met him he was heavily into model airplanes, but for the past few years he has been occupied with other things. Two months ago, he decided to re-enter the hobby; and he built the first airplane he has built in eleven years. Having watched this process, I can tell you this is not a quick or an easy undertaking. He’s been having a great time doing it, but now the project is complete. Today, it had its maiden fight and he let me go down to the airfield with him to document the occasion.

Since, I know these details are important to him, here are the stats. It is a kit built Sig 1/6th Scale Clip-wing Cub. It’s covered in monocoat; has a Saito .4 cubic inch, 4 stroke engine; and is controlled by a 5 channel JR radio.

The weather was beautiful and sunny, although it was not ideal flying weather, due to crosswinds and turbulence. He hasn’t flown at all for three years; so, he kept things pretty simple on his first flight of the day. However, he did sneak in some of the acrobatic moves that he so loves on subsequent flights.

I love seeing him do something he so enjoys.


Catez said...

I love that picture of it up against the blue sky. Thanks.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

What fun! Looks like the weather was great, too.

Thanks for your comment on Real E Fun this weekend.

tapestrygirl said...

that looks like a good time, congrats to both of you, i felt patience on both sides there!

Lora said...

It really was a nice day and a little celebration of a project complete. He's already started his next plane.

I love that he's doing this, dispite the cost. The more fun he's having with his hobbies the more fun I can have with mine.