Monday, May 9

I survived Mother’s Day!!!

I’m completely tuckered out, but I made it through. Things really went much more smoothly then I had anticipated; for which I am eternally grateful. We were well staffed, which makes all the difference. Plus, our managers really got us well prepared for the crowd and did a good job of keeping morale up. We actually exceeded our sales goal, making it the highest grossing sales we’ve had since the restaurant opened 10 years ago. So, after working non-stop for 12 hours plus, most of my co-workers are now congregating at some bar to relax and celebrate. I'm sure they're having a great time, but I have no idea where they find the energy. To me that's just sounds like work, nothing relaxing about it. Sometimes it would be, but when I’m this tired, I’d much rather get cleaned up and relax alone at home.

My guests seemed to be a happy bunch. My manager arranged for us to give out mimosa and flowers to all of the mothers. While simply a symbolic gesture, I think it went a long way towards making people relax and have a good time. My only real regret is that I was not able get in touch with my own mother to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. I tried calling her early in the day, but her line was busy and I did not have a chance to call her again until well after her bedtime. I know these things matter a great deal to her; so, I feel a little like a stinker. I do hope my brother was able to do something special with her. At this point, I have no choice but to try her again tomorrow.

I want to thank everybody for all your supportive comments; it was a very pleasant surprise and put a great big smile on my face this morning. As I’m already yawning I’m not sure if I’ll have the change to check in with you all tonight, but no doubt I will in the morning. I have three full days off in a row. I swear, I will do something more producive then stare at my computer screen the entire time.

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Waterfall said...

Yay! Congrats on surviving. I thought about you yesterday and hoped things weren't too bad! Hope you're able to get in touch with your mom today.