Sunday, May 15

In-line Blogger Comments

I was so excited Kristina found from Protected Static how to make it so that comments are viewed on our blogs instead of going to a separate page to view them. Being the adventurous spirit that I am, I tried it. But now that I've done it, I don't know if I really like it. I think it makes the comments harder to read. Right now I'm very blurry-eyed so I'm going to leave it like this just for now.

Tomorrow, I'll either improve it or change it back. I was thinking of changing the text and/or justification on the comments, and I want to enable the display of profile pictures. Not that I currently know how to do this, but I'll figure it out. My fiddling this evening was a very good lesson in how my template is laid out and how it works. One step closer to creating a template on my own. Ha, ha!


oceanskies79 said...

Good going.

Mrs. Darling said...

Hmm I see what you mean about the messiness. But... it is a good concept. I might just try it myself. I can't really decided if I like it or not. I know I like the idea. Anyway I'm here via micheles.

BlogCruiser said...

I've tried it both ways at my blog too and stuck with the non-inline for now. It works well on many blogs, I just didn't like how it worked on mine.

I've seen others where they reformat it so it comes up neater and different colors or highlighted boxes that seem to work real nice. Another words they open up in their own outlined box and different colors from the main page and posts so they don't blend into the next message. Another idea, maybe.

Good job though and I do like when they open up on the same page. Good luck with the rest of your changes!

Hello, Michele sent me.

colleenR said...

Off the subject: What does Infj mean? I was glad to see the arrival of The Huffington Post myself.

Candace said...

I'm an INFJ, too. And a democrat and an Anglophile -- thanks for visiting my blog! LOVE yours!

Lora said...

Thank you to all for the feedback.

I'm being lazy so the only change I've made is indenting comments by a bit. Not perfect, but I think it makes it more readable and my guess it will stay that way for a while.

An INFJ is a personality type which I obviously should link a nice explaination to in my sidebar and will. Meanwhile, this post explains a little about the theory and this site explains more about INFJ's inparticular. Thank for asking.