Friday, May 20

Photo Friday Challenge: Green

Okay, blame it on Terri-Lynn I saw her gorgeous entry for Photo Friday and just had to post one myself. The Theme is "Green." This was taken on my trip to the Ladybird Wildflower Center and is a simple close up of some water reeds. I love the texture. About that not being on the computer thing... well, limited, extremely limited.


J Bo said...

This is a lovely photo, Lora. It really does describe green to me. Yeah, the texture is cool too. What kind of digital camera do you use?

Lora said...

Thanks J Bo. It's a Fuji Fine Pix S3000. It's a good tool which I am trying to learn to use better, but I just discovered my husband has photshop on the comptuer so, no doubt, I'll be playing with that quite a bit.

∙Ϊ®!§ђ∙©ћịℓÐ∙ said...


I keep meaning to tell you that I LOVE your photographs. Very, very nice. You have a lot of talent.

-Beth :o)

Lora said...

As I preen like a peacock.
Thank you, Beth.
I keep feeling like I'm springing random photos on people with no rhyme or reason.

terrilynn said...

I love it!

Lora said...