Friday, May 27

Photo Friday: Symbol

This week's challege is Symbol.
This was just one of those timely catches down at Town Lake. The next day the cones were all scattered. I still don't know if this was done to communicate or if somebody was just having fun.


colleen said...

Hi Lora, The photo reminds me of colored candy corn...I guess they make cones in all colors now.

That was me reading my essay. (I probably should say that in my post note.) The radio people cut a lot of it to fit with their 3 minute time frame, but I plan to post the version I submitted next week. (There is yet another even longer version). My computer is being worked on and I'm using a lap top...don't know how to post photos from here. I actually have the photo of my dad holding the German girl, looking like Elvis Presely.

colleen said...

I know others who have trouble deciding between a 9 or a 5. One key question would you tend to merge with others, losing yourself somewhat...for the sake of harmony? That would be a 9, whereas a 5 might not like confrontation, but would withdraw rather than merge. 9s know what they don't want (to be pushed at all) but often are not sure what they want. 5s are very protective of their time. Hope that helps.

colleen said...

Funny, before I read your last comment, I was walking to the mailbox and thinking...duh...of course she's a 9. It's right there in her M.Briggs profile in the fact that you are feeling and I am thinking. 3 of the 9 types are ruled by the heart, 3 by the gut, and 3 by the mind. A 5 is ruled by the mind and a 9 is ruled by the heart, hence you are a feeler and I'm a thinker...otherwise our MB profile us exactly the same...which would explain how you thought you were either a 5 or a 9. Glad we have that settled! You will have a wing. And if you look at the diagram and the way the arrows work, you are influenced by two other for when you are under stress and one when you are relaxed and at your best. For instance, as a 5, when I'm comfortable I can seem like an 8 (in my own home, I'm the boss!)and when stressed I go to 7 (harder to explain). My wing is I have a lot of 4 traits as well. But ultimately everything I do comes from my 5 worldview at the core. Fun,huh. PS one of the descriptions of a 5 is that they love the enneagram.