Friday, May 6

Quality time

I feel like I’m being an incredibly lazy nin-com-poop (sorry, I don’t know I should spell that). Yesterday was my day off and I spent the day doing nothing but reading, writing, and blogsurfing. Actually, that’s mostly what I’ve done with today so far. It’s not that I really have anything pressing that I should do, but there are many things I really think I should be working on. I remember reading somewhere that is unhealthy to sit still for more than half an hour at a time on a regular basis. Well, I must admit that it’s been a while since I haven’t exceeded that daily.

One thing that complicates this is that since my schedule is backwards from the way my body works, I feel like I should cross many things off my to-do list during the day and then at night when I’m ready to relax. I need to run around and be productive. ‘Tis the plight of the shift worker, and I know I have it better than most. But when your schedule demands you to go against your grain or that of the rest of the world you never know when it’s okay to relax. I don’t feel comfortable relaxing when other’s are working. Maybe that’s just my high strung nature speaking.

Tonight begins the official weekend of terror in my industry (like my sidestepping the use of an expletive there). I just so want to suddenly develop a rare, but brief and curable, form of the avian flu, so that I can get out of it. Why? …Because, in case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is this weekend and everyone who loves their mother, which hopefully is all of us, feels that this weekend is the one weekend of the year to make up for all their past transgressions and take their mother out to eat.
I have just deleted a detailed description of why that sounds so terrible. Let my point be that I recommend doing something a little more meaningful and one on one with you dear mom, than taking her out to dinner with a large group.
For my own sanity's sake, I choose to believe that this Mother’s Day my guests will just be happy to have the opportunity to spend time with their mother and show her that they care. Maybe not, but a few will and I guess I’ll just have to let them keep my fire going, because it’s going to be a long weekend.


Julie said...

I hope your weekend goes well and isn't too crazy!
And for all those kids and husbands out there--she would probably appreciate it more if you made her something nice at home, and took her out another day when it isn't so insane!! Why do they always do that??

Brandie said...

I hope you can get some rest tonight and that this weekend doesn't send you over the edge. It's nice here on the cliff... stay on the cliff. LOL

BTW, Michele sent me. :)

terrilynn said...

I used to wait tables, and Mother's Day was always just tons of fun. I hope you get through with your sanity intact (I recommend strong drink often).

vegemiterules said...

G'day Lora,
I have jumped in out of turn via Michele's M&G, everyone else is asleep across the other side of the world, but it is 7pm here and I am surfing for awhile. Have a great weekend, hope you make it through the frantic Mother's Day rush, it will be so very busy for you I am sure. When you get home, take your shoes off, feet up, grab a coffe or whatever, and relax.

Paul said...

Hi, I'm just making my way through Micheles comment game, checking out some of the other sites in play. So yes in effect I am here through the meet n greet. The photos of the wild flowers in the preceeding post are lovely and there is something unique about wild flowers and their natural settings for photographs. With regards to your mothers day ordeal!? I'd say suck it up, things could be worse! :) Plan on taking my mom out on a nice long hike out along the local trails. You do have a lovely blog by the way!



Sue said...

Mother's Day is the end of March in the UK, and not something we celebrate much. Perhaps a card or a bunch of flowers, but no more. Some churches make a lot of it, but it's not really a huge deal. I had no idea this weekend was the American Mother's Day but I hope it turns out better than you hope.

As for sitting still and achieving little... I find I have days like that, and other days when I'm so productive I amaze myself. I've more-or-less given up on to-do lists, I do better if I go with the flow. I was busy all day Thursday with food preparation, and all day Friday with cleaning, and planned to spend today gardening... but I have no energy. I need to regroup, relax, recharge. Trusting my gut leads to much more effective days when I am being productive and energetic, and also far fewer migraines. Perhaps it's an INFJ thing!

Lora said...

Thanks for all the moral support. I've managed to pull a trade so I know I'll have a few days of rest at the beginning of the week and that will get me through.

Thank you for your kindly words about my photos, I was please with the results. They in no way compare to yours. Enjoy your hike with your Mum.

As with everything in America, we make a big deal about anything that can play on our sentiments and make us spend money. It really is a shame.