Sunday, May 22

A Quiet Sunday

Well, the house is quiet and I’m feeling a little more centered. So, I thought I’d attempt a real post, perhaps the first genuine “me-speak” done here in days.

Sundays are always a very centering day for me. I think he got it right when the Lord declared the seventh day to rest. I may not practice any religion, but Sundays are the day that I push aside the outside world, any duties, and all that other guck, and I just do what it is I deem important at the time. I am fiercely protective of my Sundays off, because I really need them. They made a proclamation at work that nobody would be getting anymore weekend days off on regular basis. I almost gave my notice right then and there. Not that that’s too far off, anyway. However, like most things in the restaurant business big proclamations are made, small changes are instituted and things go on not to far different then they were before. I’m thankful that my managers general respect this as my day off.

Of course, this Sunday, my husband, Lyn, is on call for work; he’s an appliance repairman and has one Sunday on a month. So far he’s only had one short job to do, but it allowed us to putter around the house together and talk at each other a bit. He’s also been busy working on his next airplane; a Wildcat this time. This one he’s doing entirely from plans, so he’s cutting out each individual piece of wood himself. Unfortunately, the plans he purchased have some “flaws” to them, so he’s had to readapt them quite a bit. He’ll spend hours just looking at them. I find this to be quite amusing. I just don’t get it, but he finds vehicles just as fascinating as I do a do people.

Old Dutch Church was the first
Dutch church in the New
Netherlands, built in 1661.
Photo found via
Andrew Cusack.

Sundays are also the day that I get a chance to catch up with my Mom. I generally call her every Sunday and we talk for just over an hour every time. After that I just start getting restless. She’s had a very exciting weekend. She’s involved with a fairly young and vital art society and they had a huge gala last night. They acquired a new building about a year ago and have been working hard to fix it up to be a center for the arts. Last night was the official opening of the building. They had a dinner and a silent art auction. It proved to be a huge success; they actually had to turn people away. They raised a good deal of money. Plus somebody bought the photograph she donated. My mother is an accountant and has a new developing interest in photography, so as you can imagine she was amazed that somebody would actually pay for something she had created. She went out and found a wonderful new outfit for the occasion and it seems that she found a very pleasant date to accompany her.

I also have my in-laws coming over for dinner tonight. They are bringing some Japanese anima movie, not a genre I’m very familiar with, but they seem to think I’ll really enjoy it; it sounds like Lyn may be the odd one out on this movie selection, which is okay; he has no problems finding other ways to entertain himself. I on the other had will sit through all but the most horrible of movies, just to be polite. Not a good thing I know, but the truth.

All in all it’s a very simple relaxing day for me. I think I have just enough time to read a few pages of my book and make a couple calls before I need to start getting dinner together. I hope your Sunday has been as restorative as mine.


Julie said...

Sounds like a great, relaxing day. :)

J Bo said...

Relaxing day, indeed! What are you making for dinner?
My daughter and husband really enjoy Japanese anime. They have a few Miyazaki films that they think are cool. I can't get into them. Wondering how you fare with tonight's selection, Lora!

oceanskies79 said...

Welcome back. Good to know that you have had a restorative Sunday.

Lora said...

They brought over Nausicaa, one of Miyazaki's. It's not something that would ever seek to watch again. Lyn managed to sit through it, but that's only because he missed half of it because he was called out for a couple late repairs.

Dinner, I kept it simple. I made chicken picatta and served that with a side of mashed sweet potaoes and some zucchini sauteed in with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic all served with Pepi Sauvignon Blanc. I got to use both basil and parsley from my herb garden. For desert, we had some fresh strawberries with a light orange glaze and topped with some homemade whip cream. I just now thought that I should have served that with a sprig of mint; oh weel, next time.

Kristina said...

Sounds like a lovely day of rest. A good part of our Sunday was spent at Safeco Field watching the Mariners shut out the Padres. Fabulous game, though it would have bee fabulouser had they opened the roof and let the sunshine in (the weather threatened rain all afternoon, though it never materialized during the course of the game).

J Bo said...

Your dinner sounds so tasty! My daughter loves the Nausicaa movie- it makes her cry!