Thursday, May 12


You know you're being a larda**. Strike that and reword.

You know you’ve been a bum, when it takes your feet 48 minutes to move your body in a 2.9 mile circle around a rather scenic body of water, and you remain well within your aerobic zone for the entire trip. Or at least I do.

However, I actually got out there and moved! I already feel so much better for it. Let’s see if I can do it again tomorrow.


terrilynn said...

Good for you! My kid and I walked on the beach last night and I realized how out of shape I've become-my legs are actually a little sore today!

Princess Jami said...

Good job for getting out there and moving around! :-)

Waterfall said...

Good for you, Lora! I always find myself putting off taking a walk, and then when I finally take it, I wonder why I put if off for so long. Go figure.

Good luck making it a habit!

Jill said...

I ache for walks, but can't get to them often enough as I'm so busy with the house and kids. That's probably WHY I ache for walks - I need out!!!

Sue said...

I'm also impressed that you do this at all. I like walking too but it takes me so long to get around to it that I rarely do. I walk to do errands, but not for fun or exercise.