Wednesday, July 13

Header Feedback

Okay, I know I said no more blogging about blogging for a month, but this really is just follow up on the recent changes I made. I have discovered, thanks to the helpful comments of Sue and Utenzi, that the photo, which I intended to go completely across the top of my blog, does not, in fact, do this for viewers with high-resolution screens. Bummer, ‘cause I really like it this way. This evening, I could not manipulate my photo host hello into hosting the header wider then it currently is, nor was I able to get it to repeat itself across the screen.

I plan to look into both of these options when I have more time. For now, I’ve changed the background behind the photo to the same color that I use for accenting in my sidebar and posts. There should be a thin line of the background color peaking out at the bottom for all viewers. I left justified the photo because I imagined it would look best this way for all viewers.

I also added back in my original subtitle, The Active Appreciation of Life, because I realized that finally, as I’m getting more comfortable in my blogging shoes, this really is what Black Currant Jam is becoming. However, I still reserve the right to tease my husband ruthlessly.


Anvilcloud said...

That's true about the header. I have a fairly high res monitor, but I hadn't noticed previously because I don't normally operate the browser at full screen width -- more like 1024.

You could make a wider header or just limit its width to suit your page. But you should also be able to get it to repeat by using the following code which I just successfully tried.
Mind you, you might want to alter the flow of the composite so the repeat looks more natural.

#header {
background: url("") repeat-x;

Lora said...

I had no doubt there was a way to do that. However, I was already up
past my bed time, so I didn't look it up. I've changed it to repeat
across and I'll play around with the photo tonight to get something
that flows better. I appreciate all the help.

colleen said...

I like blogging about blogging myself. I love the way our mission as bloggers as it relates to our own sites gets clearer the more we do it. I just got back from the White Mountains of NH...more dramatic than the Blue ones of Virgina!

Julie said...

I think it looks great--and it does go all the way across my screen. :)

andrea said...

I really do like the flowers and the way you have placed your title extremely to the left of the header. and I like 'the active appreciation of life'... great subtitle. I've been away for awhile (from blogville, that is) and I must say it was nice to be greeted by a cheery new header! now, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my sad little overly-neglected blog!

Catez said...

I love the new header with photo!!