Sunday, July 31

What a week!

It has been a busy couple of days. Thursday was my second day of getting up early and arriving at work before the sun was up. It’s not an easy thing to do, but I’m adjusting better then I thought I would. I managed to resist the strong urge to take a nap when I got home that afternoon. However, I had foolishly made plans to go see to the art opening of one of mother-in-law’s acquaintances and then go out to dinner with my in-laws at Dona Emilia’s afterward. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it, but I wasn't very lively company, as I almost fell asleep in my maduros. I got home and crawled into bed at the late hour of 9:00pm.

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Friday, I got home and was all excited to blog and tell everybody all about my day and exciting conclusions about my new job. However, I couldn’t get on-line. For some reason our DSL connection wasn’t working. I suppose this really was a good thing. As I had a nice mellow evening and used the time to read and relax. I actually used my poor neglected paper journal and got some of my thought organized there.

Saturday morning our DSL connection still wasn’t working. So I actually went to the gym. When I got back my husband let me know that the DSL was up and running again and then proceeded to hog the computer for hours. Oink, oink, oink. By the time I got my turn I was unenthusiastic about writing and end up playing around in Photoshop instead. I then proceeded with my list of things to do around the house, got my last pile of stuff into the storage unit, and did some cleaning.

Saturday night we went out for sushi with some people that I know from my restaurant job. I should add that my husband does not eat seafood in any shape or form and neither does one of the members of the couple we went out with. However, the other girl had never tried sushi before and she wanted to. We went to Sushi Sake, which was beyond excellent. I really enjoy sushi and loved guiding her first experience with it. Unfortunately there were not as many non-seafood options on the menu as I had been given the impression there would be, but everybody enjoyed their selection. This was my husband and their first time meeting each other and I'm happy that everybody seemed to like each other and to have a good time. We decided that next time we go out the non-seafood eaters get to choose the place. After so long in the restaurant business and working mandatory weekend nights, I’m still marveling over the concept of going out myself to socialize on a Saturday night. I felt like I was playing hooky.

So today is staring off slowly. I woke up, on my own, without an alarm, and fully rested at 6:09 am. After a little lounging around the house I went down to Town Lake and walked the 2.9-mile loop. Boy was I slow, but it was a great morning to be out there. The number of people up and moving that early on a Sunday morning surprised me.

I plan to keep this a fairly mellow day. My husband is working on his airplanes and I want to finish my book, catch up on with my online friends, and get things organized for the week. We are doing dinner and a movie at the in-laws’ tonight. It’s my husband’s turn to pick out the movie. I cringe in fear. I just asked him to keep it short and light.


Dr. Evil said...

I fully understand the whole "playing hooky" thing.

I felt like that after I stopped splitting my weekends between working the gas station and delivering pizzas. The first time I ordered a pizza for myself, I felt like I should go get it and then tip myself.

I had it delivered instead and handsomely tipped the driver. When he looked at me in shock, I just shrugged and said, "I've been where you're at, man." He seemed to think about that, then nodded and thanked me. Then he was off to deliver a pie to a less grateful customer.

Let's face it -- pizza delivery is a bottom-feeder job. Even so, it's amazing how different jobs like that look when you've been in them yourself. I look back on those days and smile rather than wince.

tapestrygirl said...

YAY! I missed you! Glad you are doing very well, even waking rested at 6;09am. That is in itself very cool. I want to be able to say that one day.
Hugs and love.

Stephanie said...

Ooh - I'm curious what movie he picked! Last night I watched Whale Rider on PBS. Wonderful film.

Bearette24 said...

I'm curious what movie he picked, too!

Town Lake looks very nice, and not unlike a lake I used to walk around in Wakefield, MA.

Bearette24 said...

I don't think I will ever wake up fully rested at 6:09 am. Not in this life. But I can aspire to it :)

utenzi said...

Welcome back, Lora. I'm glad you're excited about the new job. I look forward to hearing what you can share with us.