Monday, August 22

The Big Three Oh!

Today is, my dear friend and college roomate, tapestrygirl's birthday. Here's hoping she'll forgive me for posting this picture of her being silly in the dorms. Please, stop by her place in the blogosphere and give her lots of birthday love.

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
You look like a Lamb,
But at least you don't smell like one too!

Happy Birthday Jules!


tapestrygirl said...

oh, my jaw just dropped. i was wondering why bearette24 made a lamb comment, i hadn't seen this yet!!! THANK you for posting it, it is one of my fonder memories, and one of my best pictures. I love you babe, thank you for honoring me in your blog.

Where did that sheephat make it's way to? Did it get kidnapped too???

Lora said...

I wrote on the back of the photo that it was Spike's. So I assume that it disappeared with him.

And I only have one kidnapping under my belt. Everytime I see a happy massager I think of you, Jules.