Sunday, September 11

The aftermath of Katrina on 9/11

Amid all the Katrina news and chaos I did not see the approach of 9/11 this year. In fact, it was not until this afternoon, when I had to write down the date, that I realize that another year has gone by from the largest attack American has experienced in my lifetime. As we are looking at the statistics roll in from Katrina it looks like the 9/11 toll will be dwarfed by a weather phenomenon.

Today, I would like to give a nod in the direction of and my respects to those that lost their lives or lost their love ones in the multiple attacks of September 11th, 2001. However, Hurricane Katrina is pressing on my mind and I’m about the only blogger who hasn’t written about it.

Unfortunately, as I gather my thoughts and feelings and attempt to write and rewrite about the human toll of Katrina it just comes out as an incoherent mess. There really is nothing that I can say that even halfway acknowledges what those with losses from Hurricane Katrina are going through. There is also nothing any of us can do to undo what has happened or how it has been handled.

All we can do is open our hearts to help those that have been dislocated and try to help them rebuild their lives. I have to say that the generosity of people all over the globe has been overwhelming and the community effort here in Austin has been something to be proud of (not that I personally can take much credit).

I just wish those affected the hope, the courage, and the peace to make it through the aftermath of this tragedy in addition to the compassion and assistance that they will need from others.


utenzi said...

Good afternoon Lora! Not to be dismissive of 9/11 but the British invading the US and even burning down the White House was probably a bigger invasion. Of course that was a long time ago in the War of 1812.

Lora said...

Qualifier added.