Friday, September 23


I had the pleasure of selecting a changing room next to mother and daughter team today. I gleaned from their conversation that the daughter was selecting intimate apparel for her upcoming wedding.

She said to her mother, “I want something nice and sexy.”

She then stated, “I really like the white.”

Her mother replied, somewhat hesitantly, “Dear, I really don’t think you should wear white.”

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.


utenzi said...

:-( I don't get it, Lora. Damn.

Lora said...

White symbolizes innocence and purity. By telling her that she shouldn't wear white on her wedding night, it sounds like she is saying that her daughter neither of those things. However, true it may be, it's not exactly a complement.

Pearl said...

Let's just hope mom is more discrete giving the wedding dinner speech.

Ah, modern love. What can you do? Didja know 1/3 of couples in canada now are living common-law?

Lora said...

1/3! The sociologist in me can't help but wonder the social impact that will have.

Julie said...

LMAO! I hope she meant something else! Maybe she's just one of those people (like my dh) where NOTHING comes out the way she means it too...let's hope anyway...