Tuesday, September 20

Time off

I have quite the change of pace coming up over the next week and a half. I requested time off of work to go on a nice little trip to Colorado with my mother in-law. However, after some research and thought I decided not to go. While the specific guidelines seems to be mixed, it seems to generally be advised not to travel to higher altitudes when pregnant, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. As wonderful a trip it would have been, between the 28 hours in the car (with my dear MIL’s nerve-racking driving) and an altitude rise of 9,000 ft, I felt it was better not to tempt fate and my peace of mind.

Hubby and I are still in the midst of forming plans for the weekend, probably down to Corpus Christi. I also asked them to put me on their first call list at work, but as the census is down I don’t expect much action there. So basically, I have ten days off and nothing scheduled to do.

No doubt, I’ll use some of this time for practical things like healthcare appointments and house hunting, but right now I’m thinking of all the ways one can play in Austin. I’ll be home every evening so I’ll actually get a chance to cook and I may even get a chance to catch up with friends that I have been terribly neglecting. I should even get a chance to post to my blog regularly.

I feel this incredible urge to make a schedule so that I can use all this free time properly. I know that sounds counter productive to the concept of free time, but I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself. However, next thing on the schedule is to go back to bed and catch some more zzz’s.

Time off, what fun!


Princess Jami said...

Well, you'll just have to come back to visit Colorado at another time! Where were you planning to go?

J Bo said...

I find it comforting to start a new job, then take a week or so off just as the routine is setting in. *g* Really! I did just that after I started my new job this past April!

I guess I never realized that about the air travel. What did your doctor say about travelling? My understanding was that women 7 months+ are not recommended to fly as there is some liability with the airlines and early births. But, then again, that may be the story I made up in my head while I was pregnant, though I did fly to Mexico when I was 5 months along.

Anyway, sorry for ramblig. Enjoy your time off! And forward me listings of houses you are looking at!!!

J Bo said...

And sorry for the horrible grammar and punctuation errors! My dog is needing to go out for a walk, thus the lack of proofreading!!

Lora said...

Air travel is fine until late in pregnancy. The cabin is pressurized. The risk is altitude sickness. I'm not really worried about it, but I know I'll be anxious. I'd rather have the peace of mind.

Julie said...

Altitudes below 10,000 feet are ok. I had planned (and paid for) a ski trip to Switzerland for myself and my daughter. I was about 8-9 weeks, and we went ahead and took the trip anyway. It was all fine, except I was more tired than usual, and I couldn't do the great runs from the top of the mountain cause it was too high. The lower runs were fun though! :)