Friday, October 7

Fresh Air

Today turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. It was the first day that I have been able to turn off the air conditioning and open up the house for the season. We had what I gather is an unusually warm September, but today the promise of fall was in the air and our apartment really benefited from the air out.

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s also the time of year that gets me homesick for the Hudson Valley and the beautiful leaf-turn that happens this time of year. It’s a time of comfy sweaters and warm apple cider and of reconnecting with friends and family.

Today wasn’t exactly comfy sweater weather, after all the high was still 78 and in Austin comfy sweaters are really only comfy in January. I may not get to see the Hudson Valley this fall, but I know that next year I will. My dear brother will be getting married next fall and I plan to extend the trip so that our little one can spend some time with the family. As for apple cider, I picked up a jug of it today and am sipping a warm mug of it between sentences.

I did pick out my contribution to their wedding ceremony. I am sending my future sister-in-law my wedding gown. I really didn’t think she’d be interested in it, because we have different senses of personal style. However, when I offered it to her she seemed quite enthused. I have to say that I was quite complemented and I know she’ll look lovely in it.

Clearing out the wedding gown really started as a general mission to clear out my closet. It’s a long in trenched fall tradition, get rid of the summer clothes bring out the warm stuff. I really don’t need to do that in Texas, but still I do it.

My real motivation is that I’ve been having a slight wardrobe problem lately. Before my pregnancy I was slowly gaining weight, so I started things off in my larger clothes. Now I have started to gain a little pregnancy weight and am definitely experiencing a general thickening around the middle. Picking out clothes in the morning has become a frustrating ordeal as fewer and fewer things fit.

Today, I went through and put aside all the stuff that is too small. I won’t be able to wear any of it for at least a year anyway, so why have it taunting me and cluttering up my closet? Now my closet looks amazingly clutter free and organized, although perhaps a little sparse. I think I feel another shopping spree coming on. Who knows maybe I’ll get brave enough to browse in the maternity section, not that I’m buying anything there, yet. However, that idea seems a little more palatable then buying regular clothes in sizes I swore I would never wear again. I take comfort in the faith that I won’t be wearing them for very long.


Kel said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year too. But I live upside down to you, and we are in Spring here in Australia!

So putting away winter woolies and dreading the thought of exposing white flabby legs in shorts and swimmers :)

terrilynn said...

We had one brief few days as a fall teaser and now we're having muggy rainy weather and it stinks. I so love being able to open the house up.

Have fun shopping! I was really ready to be in maternity clothes when I was pregnant; I was tired of just looking fat. Drawstring pants were my friends.

J Bo said...

I *love* fall and I really love it here out in the PacNW. The leaves are already changing and there is the crispness I love so.

Glad to hear that your down time has been positive! And how lovely that you are giving your new sil the wedding gown! What a wonderful gift!

Enjoy your weekend!