Wednesday, October 12

Git’er Dun Day

Except for a brief trip to at Starbucks, I’ve spent the whole day on hold with short bursts of activity in between. I've managed to get all the utilities switched over, set up or canceled, with the exception of water, sewer and garbage. Their system is archaic enough that they actually want me to go to city hall in person with a paper check in hand to set up new service, most odd.

We are starting to get our plan for the move together too. Last night it dawned on me that our closing date is in just two and a half weeks. However, we don’t have to vacate our apartment until the end of November because our apartment requires 60 days notice. We have lots of time to get things set up, prepared and organized before we actually need to complete the move. To be honest, I almost prefer a tight deadline because I tend to prioritize better and feel more productive that way, but I know considering my current energy level that this extra time will be very appreciated.

I’ve placed my husband in charge of organizing all house repairs because that is his forte. He’s placed me in charge of decorating, because he claims to have absolutely no color sense. I also get to make all the phone calls and pack the boxes because my nerves cannot handle the lack of importance he places on these things. Obviously, he will be doing most of the actual moving of our possessions with the exception of smaller things that I will cart over in small batches. We hope to bribe friends into helping him move the big stuff over when the time is right, so our extra time will allow us to skip using movers. I have a feeling that our move out of this house will not be such a simple matter.

Tonight after dinner, I’m going to make a trip up to Lowe’s and work on color palettes. After years of whitewashed apartment walls it will be so nice to have color again. I’ve been given free reign. I really don’t know if my husband realizes what he has gotten himself into.

Color, color everywhere!


utenzi said...

Lora, when you paint rooms that are completely empty you'll realize what a great thing that staggered closing date and move-out date truly are. You'll be able to do a much better job this way.

Think about doing some chair rails and two tone paint jobs. Nifty stuff.

Kel said...

you go girl
colour your world!