Saturday, October 29

Ours! All Ours!

We closed on the house last night! I've always heard nightmares about the house buying process, but I have to say this all was easy and painless, if you don't count writer's cramp from all that signing.

We were also amazed at that we had to bring no money to closing with us. Our costs ended up being really low and were taken care of by the money that had already been exchanged. We celebrated by going to one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood we are leaving: Chez Zee.

I will miss the locale we are in now. It's a much more interesting neighborhood than the suburb we are moving to. Technically, we will no longer be Austin residents; we are moving to Cedar Park and will be just a mile outside of Austin's city limits. I really never imagined myself living in the suburbs, but for now I think it's the best choice for us. I'm sure it's just my nesting instinct speaking and at some point the idealistic part of my brain will step in and begin to protest.

We aren't moving until Thursday, but I have a long list of things I want to get done beforehand. First thing is to find out why they didn't have the electricity going yesterday for when I scheduled it. Hopefully they'll be able to turn it on over the weekend.


utenzi said...


I'm sure you and your growing family will love being in the house. And there's a nice feeling of being in the suburbs tending to your yard and property that might make up somewhat for leaving Austin. Besides, you're only a mile away!


Bearette24 said...


Sue said...

How exciting! I hope you don't get too stressed in the next few days, I really hate packing up a house and moving. But it's great to have somewhere that's really yours.

Catez said...

Hey congratulations!
I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and it is amazing seeing how these big changes have happened - your job, your pregnancy, your new house.

J Bo said...

Wahoo!!! Congratulations!!!

Pearl said...

congrats on the next step.

Kel said...

congrats on the new home Lora

allow me to share with you an old Irish blessing that I've been keeping in mind for when we build our new home . . .

"May the roof above us never fall in,
And may we friends gathered below, never fall out."

Deb said...

Congratulations! That makes TWO new homeowners I know - you and my daughter!