Sunday, November 6

13.1 Miles

Okay, vacation’s over. Not that it’s really been much of a vacation. I know I haven’t posted in a while and I’ve missed it. It has been a very busy week, but things seem to be falling into place now. It seems boring to talk about our move again, but that’s what's on my mind.

We moved on Thursday. We ended up moving sooner than expected; so neither of us had any extra time off work to get things done. But now we are here and, while we still have loads of stuff to do, things are taken care of enough that I feel like I can sit back and enjoy.

If I had to pick one thing out that I most love about new home it’s it is a very simple thing that isn't even about the house itself. My commute has been cut in half. When I took my current job I sadly underestimated how bothersome a 45-minute commute would soon become. However, our move has taken my 24.9 mile drive and cut it down to 13.1. That essentially creates 45 minutes more time in my day, not to mention saving lots of gas and gas money.

We still have lots to do to make this house our own, but with 45 minutes more a day to do it this house will soon become our home.


Kel said...

if you've cut the commute time in half you've bought an excellent house :)

glad to hear you are happy in your new home

utenzi said...

We have something new in common, Lora. My commute is almost exactly the same as yours. Depending on which bus lot I park in, I drive either 12.4 miles or 13.2 miles each way.

I'm glad that this is just one more nice thing about your new house, Lora.