Wednesday, November 9

Election Day

Election Day has come and gone. Once again, I feel depressed at the sorry state of the world and am utterly confused by how far the election results are from the way I voted and what I believe. Of nine state propositions, just two of them had the results I voted for. Of all of the propositions there really is only one that I am particularly bothered by, and that is Proposition Two.

The state of Texas has just passed an amendment banning same-sex marriage. It passed at a 3:1 ratio. It’s also completely meaningless because in 2003 the governor already made same sex marriages impossible to get in Texas. Why is it that people seem to have this irresistible urge to control other people’s lives?

As far as I know, the county I voted in and lived in until a week ago in the only county in the State that did not pass the amendment. At least I know, if I’m going to be here in Texas, I’m living in the right part.


utenzi said...

I've always wondered about that. I would think that people against homosexuality would want them "registered" and in stable relationships but I guess they think that would give the stamp of respectability to the "lifestyle". It's all pretty silly to me. Like you infer, Lora: live and let live.

Pearl said...

It's good comfort that your local area is the right part. Gettting scary in some parts down south isn't it?

crystal said...

I agree! I heard someone say the other day, "the only thing wrong with Austin is that it's surrounded by Texas!" I also saw a bumper sticker recently that read "Feeling blue in a red state." I was sad to see the results, too.