Monday, February 13

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I have what I call a roaming mind today. I’m thinking about this, and about that, and about this, and that some more, but once I try to actually focus and try to draw all these roaming thoughts into something coherent they all see to fall back into each other again and refuse to stand up on their own.

Plus, my sleep patterns are messed up, once again! Last night was my first night back on for two weeks of overnights after one week entirely off work altogether. Since I didn’t get to bed until 7:15 am and I hadn’t napped the night before because we had family over, I slept until 4 pm. I don’t think I’ve done that since my bartending days. At least there were still several hours of daylight left after I got up, so I didn’t feel like a total hermit.

Ironically, I managed to go out for a walk today after missing the pass several days, all of which I had off work. It was beautiful. I got to wear my cute little new maternity workout shorts that I had the good fortune of finding on my last consignment shop trek. While I’ve been enjoying my walks around our neighborhood, I still hope to find a place a little more scenic nearby. Now that we’re out in the ‘burbs all the pretty and interesting places seem much further south or else a little to rustic for a routine trek alone..

It’s time for me to work in the direction of heading out the door. Hope all are well and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope you can spend it well with your sweetie or make a daring move in the direction finding the right sweetie for you.


Bearette24 said...

i never knew you were a bartender! you must have some interesting stories. good blogging material.

Mike said...

You never served me, did you? I seem to have a lot of non memories of bars...

J Bo said...

"Ironically, I managed to go out for a walk today after missing the pass several days, all of which I had off work. I was beautiful."

Yes, you are beautiful!!!

Will you have to work these flip floppy shifts after the baby comes?