Wednesday, March 15

Feeling Minty!

I'm slowly dipping my toes back in the water. I ended up working more shifts before my offical rest began yesterday. I now have no more scheduled shifts until after my maternity leave is over with, although I do intend to pick up the occassional shift here and there over the next month. It's a very strange feeling.

I completely indulged in doing nothing yesterday. I lied on the couch and put a dent in my West Wing DVD's and got more sleep then should be legal. This morning I'm well rested and energetic again.

I mainly came online to catch up on the blog reading I've missed over the past few days, but LostinTX posted this fun quiz about my favorite color and I just had to post my results.

You Are Mint Green

Balanced and calm, you have mastered the philosophy of living well.

Your friends seek you out for support, and you are able to bring stability to chaotic situations.

You're very open and cheerful - and you feel like you have a lot of freedom in life.

Your future may hold any number of exciting things, and you're ready for all of them!


Bearette24 said...

I think you're the same as Mike. I'm teal green...

LostInTX said...

So officially I'm the crazy one! You, bdogg, and mike all got mint green while Bearette and Lisa got teal green.. all calming colors. Meanwhile I'm apple green! Watch out!! :)

Sue said...

I did that one on my quiz blog, I came out as grass green. I like your one, specially the picture. And I love mint!

Mike said...

Hmm, almost the same bday, and the same green, and my bike is green...

J Bo said...

I'm Olive Green (no, that is not my real name)
You are the most real of all the green shades. You're always true to yourself.
For you, authenticity and honesty are very important... both in others and yourself.
You are grounded and secure. It takes a lot to shake you.
People see you as dependable, probably the most dependable person they know.

utenzi said...

I'm going to miss West Wing when this season finishes but I've not been paying nearly as much attention to it the past few years, Lora. I've bought the first two seasons on DVD and that's probably where I'll stop. The seasons after that just didn't seem quite as good.