Wednesday, March 29

Weightly Flashbacks

I’d just like to say that after eight months of pregnancy the concept of fitting into normal clothes again is a bit daunting. As I went to pack my bag for the hospital trip, I discovered that I own absolutely no lounge wear that unbuttons so that I can breastfeed somewhat discretely. So, tonight I went to Target and found some lovely traditional button-down cotton PJ’s that would work nicely.

However, it kind of put me into a bit of a panic. Obviously, none of the stuff in the regular ladies department is really going to fit me these days and I’m okay with that. After all, I have a 44-inch waist. Somewhere along the way I accepted my pregnancy shape and can even take a pleasure in it. I know it’s temporary and for a wonderful cause. However, I am not mentally ready to face normal clothes again. I realize that I don’t have to worry about fitting into normal clothes again for a while, but normal clothes just seem unimaginably small to me right now. As I poke through the clothes to find the size I know has been mine until most recently, I feel pressured to get back into it again. In nice stretchy pajamas that will probably be the case soon enough, but what about all the rest of my clothes?

It ridiculous. I know. All the reading I’ve done has told me that it will and it should take at least nine months for me to get back down to my prepregnancy weight, plus there’s the additional ten pounds I wanted to lose before I got pregnant, but didn’t. For now I’m going back to my content waddling ostrich mode and I’m just not going to worry about it.

Weight issues! Why do we do this to ourselves and will it ever end?


LostInTX said...

No, it never ends. ever. Even supermodels obsess over these things but they have the luxury of having a personal trainer and gym at home. not to mention a personal chef to plan delicious and healthy meals. Wow... if I had all that maybe I'd be in perfect shape too! Mike told me to day to eat more and thus I would burn more. Somehow I can't grasp that concept either. I wish we could all just run around in sweats and big tshirts.. or moo moo's.. that would be the bomb. :)

J Bo said...

Yoga pants! I am loving them with this pregnancy!

After my first daughter was born ( I had put on between 80-90 lbs!), I lost 20 lbs rather quickly, it was the rest that took forever. But, they did come off with daily walks and sensible eating. My gallbladder had to come out a month after Darian was born so I layed off pizza for 15 months- talk about will power!- and that helped immensely.

You are so cute and small, the weight is the last thing I would worry about if I were you!

utenzi said...

I doubt this'll be a very helpful suggestion, Lora, but you could always cut nipple holes in a few shirts--probably old flannel ones from your husband--and then have velcroed patches over the holes. Feeding time--rip off the patch. Voila!

I have lots of ideas--just nobody wants them. :-(

Catez said...

8 Months! Wow- time seems tonhave flown by since that post you put up telling us you were pregnant. Amazing. I feel like I haven't been here for ages (because I haven't been here for ages). Life's been a bit hectic in more ways than one - but I'm going to be checking in more, especially with things so close for you now.
Good score on the buttoned PJs too!