Tuesday, June 6


I made my child cry with real tears today. I was being horrible to him and put him in his car seat because we were going out. He normally loves his car seat, but he was tired and just wanted me to hold him for a nice long snooze. I on the other hand had to get out of the house and take care of some errands. He worked him self up a bit and I looked at him and he had his bottom lip out a mile and a tear in each eye. It was enough to break my heart. However, as soon as the car started rolling he was out like a light and I put him in the sling for my trip around the store so we both ended up getting our way in the end.

Liam is becoming so much more expressive. He’s been smiling randomly for a while, but now it seems to be more of an expression of his mood then it had been before. He’s looked at me and smiled a couple times, which completely melts my heart. He’s also starting to get the smiling eyes thing going. No doubt he's going to be a charmer.

No smile pictures yet, but here’s one from a couple weeks ago of him straining to fill his diaper.


Christy said...

oh my Liam is so cute! Yes, that face is definately expressive!

Sue said...

Aww!! That's a photo to keep for the time when he brings his first girlfriend home...!

J Bo said...

What a great photo!

LostInTX said...

Yes, that's a great blackmail photo!!! Hahaha... my parents have one of me cross eyed and naked right after a bath... I'll tell 'ya, it's embarassing.

I want to see Liam this weekend! I'll call you soon so we can talk and see if you have an hour or so free. He looks great and I can't wait to see you too! We have to get in some girl time before you know who gets here.. lol.

Liz said...