Friday, August 18


Last we had a horrible occurrence happen in this household. My 2 and a half-year-old camera stopped working. Completely quit. No power. Zip. After several changes of battery, I finally accepted this and informed my uncaring husband, who had the audacity to remind me, as I often remind him, that I was welcome to buy anything I want, once I had the cash saved up from my allowance. (Yes, we give ourselves weekly cash allowances because we both majorly suck at controlling our urges to spend) I mean this is an emergency! I have a baby! I need a good camera! And I need it now, because I must be able to take photos of him at whim.

So I scraped my pennies together and went camera hunting (via the next, of course) and was VERY pleasantly surprised at what my meager cache allowed me to buy. For half the price of what my husband paid for my old camera, the 3.2 mega pixel version of this. I bought something with twice the mega pixels, that is one third its size and that much more portable and has better features, like 1-minute video clips WITH sound. Since I stuck with the same maker, I can use my xD memory cards and need not invest in more memory storage devices. I also found a model that takes AA batteries, so I had no need to get a back up battery pack or special recharger. Oh yeah! Plus it isn't the battery hog that my old one was. This one takes two and they seem to last. The old one I seemed to need to change the batteries every time I used it and always had to have spare batteries with me. True, it doesn’t have the awesome 6x optical zoom I had on the old one, but 3x has proven to be enough to meet my camera needs.

The best thing is that it isn't much bigger then my cell phone. I can keep it with me all the time and get awesome pictures and I managed to find a great price for it with no tax and no shipping, what more could a girl want? (Written as I eye my computer…maybe after Christmas.)

Chilling in the pool, originally uploaded by loralia.


Mom said...

Soooooooooooooooo Where are the pictures from the new camera?

Lora said...

Give me time, woman! I had to stop mid post to feed the little man. Actually this particular photo was taken by a friend and is the low resolution version, but I just think it's to cute and had to show it to everybody. I'll replace it with the high-resolution version as soon as I get it from her. There are more new photos in my flickr account.

Catez said...

Ahhh - forgive me for not being here sooner. Liam is gorgeous!
I have thought of you in the midst of having a busy life myself.
What a gift he is - you guys must be chuffed.
I expect you hav been pretty busy - I see you are working too.

It is amazing reading a blog and seeing how a persons life changes. I am so pleased for you.

Mom said...

All is forgiven. That is the sweetest photo I have ever seen.

terrilynn said...

That's a fabulous picture!

utenzi said...

nice buy, Lora.

Contemplative Activist said...

Its been a while since I checked your blog - he's huge compared to the last picture I looked at...but just as cute.

Loving the shades, what a cool dude!