Saturday, January 20

First First Birthday Party

Naptime is a little early today. Liam just seemed a little more tired then usual. I hope he’s not coming down with something.

We really had a great time at Mia’s birthday party. We didn’t stay long because it was in the afternoon and Liam needed to get down for his second nap. There were a bunch of very cool mamas and their babes.

At 9 months old Liam was actually the youngest one there and I think the oldest was 15 months. Mia’s mama really went all out and seemed to love doing it. She had a piñata full of toys and puppets to send home as party favors. Liam got a parrot which he loves and won't let go of the beaded necklace he got from the piñata.

Mia took it all in stride including all the extra babes invading her house, playing with her toys and the singing of happy birthday. She attacked her cupcake with glee. Sorry to not have any pictures, but so many other people had their cameras out that I didn’t want to add mine into the mix. I'll try to add a link or photo once I get one to share.

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Anvilcloud said...

Mama Mia, how is Mia’s mama anyway? :)