Saturday, December 15

"You have a baby!"

These words were utter to me today by one of my teenage wards with her mouth agape. Honestly, teenage girls have such funny ideas about things.

When I assured them that yes indeed I do, although he's really more of a toddler now, she was equally astonished. When I asked her why, she stuttered, "I...I...just thought you were too old to have a baby. Aren't you in your 40's or something?"

Thanks kid. My visions of my youth are slowly starting to slip away. I guess the extra weight I'm carrying must make me look matronly, or something. Of course it doesn't help that I'm 3 years older then the poor girls mother.

Usually people think I'm younger then I am. Bummer. Of course, when I was younger I wanted them to think I was older and now that I'm older I want them to think that I'm younger. Isn't that the way life goes.


Jan said...

I am tagging you to 7 facts about yourself... come on over to my blog.

Pearl said...

Hey, you're back, sorta. Glad to see you're doing fine, even if to kids you look older than we might like. Remember 22 is ancient when you're 15.