Monday, April 21

I "heart" the internet

More specifically, I love online shopping. While online shopping has been well and good for many years now, in recently it has taken off to a whole new level which, oh, so, improves my quality of life.

Have you ever tried swimsuit shopping with a 2 year old? Just the thought of it sends me screaming in the other direction. Now I'm not talking the perfect cute swimsuit to beach comb in, not really my style even when 50 pounds lighter. I'm talking the suit you can do some real laps in. I've been avoiding buying a swimsuit for quite a while now. The last swimsuit I bought been limping along for at least 3 years now. Finally, I could take it's shabby condition no more and I threw it out a couple months ago after a very self-conscious workout and haven't been swimming since.

I guess that I had the hopes this would motivate me to drag Liam and myself to the local sport or swim shop and sift through their sorry selection to find a brand, cut, and color that I can tolerate. My pre-child expeditions on this kind normally proved to be quite frustrating and I was having massive anxiety of doing it with child and in my now even larger and harder to find size.

Then in the wee hours of the morning I had one of those "Oh, duh!" moments. I thought "Why don't I just check out the Tyr website and see what they have?" Now I feel like a fool for not having thought of this sooner. Needless to say, I have a suit in my preferred brand, cut, and coming my in my favorite colors and I'm only half way through my coffee.

With all the new applications they have for viewing products online it's making it less and less necessary to deal with brick and mortars. Unless, of course, you actually like shopping. Yuck! Plus, with the price of gas lately my shipping was easily compensated for by the gas I didn't use and the tax I sales tax I didn't pay. Now I get to enjoy the morning chasing my son around the park instead of the store. Now that's stress management.

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