Monday, June 30

Rain at Last

After what feels like months, although I'm sure it's only been weeks, it has finally rained. It seems ironic with the flooding that has been happening elsewhere, we've settled in for a long hot summer in Central Texas this year. I mean longer than usual.

I survived another work weekend and this is my lazy Monday. Well, it's not actually that lazy considering I was awoken my a little monster climbing into my bed at 6:15 this morning and now, three hours later, is the first chance I've had to sit down for more than a minute.

After converting Liam's crib to a toddler bed in March because he was threatening to climb out, we put a door knob cover on the inside doorknob of his room to keep him from wandering the house at night. However, now doorknob covers and just about every other child proofing device are useless in our household. He doesn't turn them. He takes them off the knob and then turns the knob. Simple enough...

Anyway, I worked a slightly different schedule this weekend and I think it may have been an overall win-win-win situation, for me, my husband, and for my employer, at least for our current needs. I worked Saturday and Sunday evening, instead of the morning shifts like I've been doing for the past month, or the 16 hour shifts on Sundays that was doing before. It was great for me because I was able to hang out with Liam and Lyn Saturday morning and Lyn was able to run off and take care of a few things. Then on Sunday I was able to sleep in and then I played with Liam while Lyn did some house cleaning. I didn't have to rush around and cook dinner when I returned for work and try to give Lyn a little down time, plus I got a little more down time myself. Lyn really appreciated being able to take care of things and not being stuck at home without adult company, since he can't transport anybody except himself in his work truck he can't drive places with Liam while I'm working. Pam, who does the scheduling at work, was thrilled when I told here I'd like to give this a try because she's had a hole on Saturday nights for a while. win-win-win.

My child is taking advantage of my diverted attention to get into mischeif, so I must go see if I can find a plunger. For some reason a full roll of TP just won't flush.

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Mia's Mama said...

sounds like that schedule change will work out for glad you're getting more of what you need :)