Saturday, July 5

Emotions and Reason

I hate those days when I spend so much time setting limits that I'm just not sure if I'm being unreasonably or if my wards are. At least my coworkers seemed to think I know what I'm doing. I guess I'll just have to trust their judgement that I actually do.

On another note... I found this as I was cleaning up the desk that I share at work and thought that we could all use a little reminder of this stuff sometimes.
Top Ten Emotional Needs

Acceptance - deliberate and ready reception with a favorable positive response, even after failure.

Affection - to communicate care and closeness through physical touch and words.

Appreciation - to communicate with words and feelings a personal gratefulness for another.

Approval - expressed commendatio, to think and speak well of.

Attention - to take thought of another and convey appropriate interest and support, to enter into another's "world".

Comfort (empathy) - to come alongside with word, feeling, and touch; to give consolation with tenderness.

Encouragement - to urge forward and postively persuade toward a goal.

Respect - to value and regard highly; to convey great worth.

Security - confidence of harmony in relationships; free from harm.

Support - come alongside and gently help carry a load


Mia's Mama said...

I'm sure you're right on at're usually much harder on yourself than others are :)

I totally appreciate the list it's a great reminder what these words really mean.

Andrea said...

Limits were meant to be broken. ;)

Enjoyed the Emotional needs list. Thanks for posting.

colleen said...

I once broke it down to three in relation to the teens my husbands works with at meditation retreats: Unconditional love, a sense of belonging, a need to contribute to the whole.

I stumbled back here from an old post. Hope all is well with you and yours.