Wednesday, November 18


Please forgive the asterisks, I'm hoping to avoid getting picked up by undesirable searches.

Today, we had a comic moment that I don't think I'll ever be able to forget. We went to get some holiday pictures taken at Portrait Innovations and Liam was very comfortable and talkative with the photographer. Shortly into the session he made attempts at conversation in a way that only a three year old can.

First he told her, "I have a little butt." The photographer and I exchanged glances, chuckled and smiled.

Liam then turned to her, very seriously and with emphasis said, "I have a big p*n*s."

The shocked photographer looked at me to see if it was okay to laugh as I'm gasping for air. I don't know the last time I had a laugh that good. I just adore the unfiltered mind of young kiddos.

Liam just stood there watching the ripple of laughter go through the room and asked me, "You okay, Mommy?," which only made me laugh more.

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Sue said...

Ha. One of mine was not much older than Liam when we were in the supermarket. He had recently been talking about the differences between men and women. In a loud voice, he started pointing out individuals in the store, informing me that someone was a man (or lady), and then telling me exactly what parts of anatomy they did or didn't possess! Thankfully I managed to convince him that it wasn't a great topic to air in public...