Sunday, November 22

Holiday Preparations

Ah, the joy of a quiet house. That's a rare treat these days. I took a brief nap this afternoon after Lyn returned from the flying field and woke to a sleeping husband and preschooler. They both normally take much longer naps then I, so I'm going to truly enjoy the moment and postpone preparing dinner to have some time for myself.

This past week, I have begun to shift my mode into holiday preparations. I really didn't think I'd be able to do much for the holidays this year. With a January 4th due date and my pregnancy past. I fully expected to be on all out bedrest before Thanksgiving. Some wonderful twist of health or fate has made this my easiest pregnancy yet. My doctor has gone from discussing inducing me at 36 weeks, something she mentioned the day my pregnancy was confirmed, to letting me go 38-39 weeks. Of course, I hit 39 weeks on Monday, December 28th, and my doctor happens to be leaving for vacation the next day. So my guess is that will be the day my little girl is born, unless of course my pregnancy goes South, as can happen with preclampsia, or she decides on her own to make an earlier entrance, which would ideal. I prepared all my baby things early, so I feel like anymore attention I spend in that direction is just a form of worry, which is exactly what I want to avoid. Dispite my grumbling about pregnancy timing, it really is nice to have something else to focus on as I reach those loooong final weeks.

I'm still planning on keeping things nice, simple and very low key for Christmas, but it's such a special time of year I'm glad I won't end up completely sidelined for it. It also looks like I'll be able to work right up to the holiday, so I don't have to begin my maternity leave early. As silly as it sounds, I'm happy about that, because I really enjoy trying to make the holiday special for the girls who are have to be at our treatment center and away from their family. Each year I've added a little bit to holiday crafts and fun program and I really think I get as much satisfaction out of it as the girls do. I think it helps keep me focused on what the holidays are about and out of the stores. Plus, this year is the first year that Liam really seems to remember Christmas from the year before and he is excited by the little signs of the approaching holidays in the stores and our home.

Of course, Thanksgiving happens between now and then and I really haven't done much, if anything, for it despite it being my favorite holiday. I'll be working Thanksgiving afternoon missing both Thanksgiving dinner at school and with the family. My mother-in-law thoughtfully suggested having Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, but as I work the following 2 days too it seemed somewhat pointless. Lyn will just bring Liam to their house with my homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

We just had a nice visit with my friend Gabriel who is both organized and crafty. My instinct is to always get out the cookie cutters and decorate cookies for the current holiday. It seems a little redundant these days, but that must have been what my mother did with me. Seeing the seasonal projects Gabriel's does with her son always inspires me to branch out a bit more. Since Liam seems to be enjoying these projects more and more, I have hope that someday we'll do more of them too.

Well, I'm hearing signs of stirring from the smaller of my sleeping boys and it's the time we usually eat dinner, so I am going to find something nice and simple to put on the table my the time they are both up. Wow, cooking dinner without multitasking another treat!

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