Tuesday, February 2

I remembered that I have a blog!

Yes, the baby has been born. Yes, I had a wonderful busy December. Yes, Christmas happened (that's about all I can say about that) Yes, we had some bad stuff happen too, but I just don't want to write about that at the moment. But most importantly, I have a few minutes alone and hands free, hooray! My husband stayed home from work yesterday and on Friday, framing the weekend when I usually get no alone time, so this is particularly sweet.

For anybody in the world that I haven't emailed or hasn't seen it on facebook, our little girl. Gaelyn Helene was born at 5:40 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2009. Today she is 5 weeks old. We've had a crazy few weeks. I honestly have to say she is a happy, easy baby with the exception that she is a bit colicky. I am hesitant to say that she actually has colic because I know so many babies have a much more difficult time, but she pretty consistently has intense intestinal distress each evening. Of course that's when we are all tired from our day, so it only makes it worse. However, I'm trying to keep things as simple and relaxed as possible so I can focus on her during this time and I think it's helping. Right now I'm banking on her internal systems maturing and that things will start getting easier soon. Unfortunately, I only have 3 more weeks of the 9 weeks I intended to take for maternity leave and I'm not so sure things will be much calmer by then. I work evenings, so by going back to work I'd be leaving my husband alone with both kids, gulp, after having worked a full day himself when he has neither the patience or the tools to settle her down at the moment. I'm more than a wee bit nervous about it and am having nightmares of returning home to a bloodbath. Lyn has been resisting the idea of me taking off any extra time, but I think I'm going to have to push him on this one and then convice work to accept the change in plans.

I do have to say it's absolutely wonderful having a girl. Liam is such a boy, boy and already she appears so much more feminine. I admit, I'm already tiring of pink, but since, thanks to good friends, I've managed to get her wardrobe for her first six months at practically no cost, I really can not complain if she's not always outfitted to my exact tastes. And I was a little shocked to find myself searching for little feminine touches like hairbands and bows, so maybe I'll sofen up on the pink thing. Plus she has the most delicate little feet. I was born with man feet so I am simply enchanted by her long skinny toes and metatarsals. I'm so happy my little girl got pretty feet.

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nopinkhere said...

ooo, I just want to nibble those toes! Sorry you're having problems :-(