Monday, March 14

Crunch Time

The tune of "Hammer Time/Can't Touch This" goes off in my head.

Thursday, I take the GRE's. I had been studying quite a bit, but this past week I got distracted by various things. I'm sure I just needed the break, but right now I'm gently trying to kick myself back into gear. I took a couple diagnostic tests and had my scores on the Verbal and Quantitative sections up to the level that I wanted them, so I think I mentally got a little cocky. The Analytical section I'm not feeling so cocky about. That's where I want to place most of my studying energy over the next three days. I've brought my timer out to help keep me on track.

So, I figure, three days with work and other commitments. I want to do, a least, one more full diagnostic test; write, at least, two additional sets of essays, one through Score-It, since I’ve already paid; some review on logical fallacies and on organizing myself for essays and to create a little guide sheet for myself; a little math brush up on formulas and geometric relationships; and a verbal psych up, time management guide, and look over roots. I want the real work done today and tomorrow, so that I can recharge on Wednesday.

Oh! Maybe I should just change the date to allow more time. . . but I know that more time will not make a difference. I’ll do some work and then I’ll just get distracted and go through this cycle all over again. That would just be wasting precious time in my life. Tick, tock, tick, tock. I’ve got other things I need to do. So just jump in and get this over with. You are prepared and as long as you arrive to take the test rested and relaxed you will rock it. Sleep the night before and a good attitude, that’s the best way to prepare, although some studying will certainly help me feel more confident.

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