Sunday, March 13

My First Comment!

Wow, somebody actually read my site and he left a comment. After reading his comment and checking to see who he is and looking through his blog, I, of course, had to proofread all my posts and make sure they're weren't any glaring errors. I don't know why I'm so nit picky about such things, probably due to years of trying to please my teachers.

It kind of puts a new light on things. I hadn't really considered an audience before. As I sit and type, the idea that somebody might actually read what I wrote seems so remote. Now I feel a little self-conscious of my idea of to gratitude journal, but I think they have a positive effect on my outlook on life. And after all, it is all about me, isn't it?

But right now I'm too sleepy to articulate such things.


Seth said...

i am the typo master... no need to correct anythan for me :) looks as though you have another guest too what do you really think about readers now?

Lora said...

I like readers. They're new friends, but in the case of tapestry girl a dear long-time one.