Saturday, March 12

Queen of the losers

I think they want to make me a manager at work. Ugh! This is the second direct shot they've taken at me with this in "casual" conversation. Isn't it bad enough that I feel like a loser because I'm 33 and I still work in a restaurant? Must they attempt to coronate me?

Three things I'm grateful for:

  1. I got a random card from a dear friend.
  2. I got a 670 on my practice verbal part of the GRE. I have no expectations of scoring this high on the real thing, but it shows that the work I've been putting into studying is really beginning to pay off.
  3. My husband sold the bloody dryer he fixed and it is no longer taking up half my living room. Plus, I can put the money on his credit card towards all the extra money he's been spending on his hobby. I made sure he knew that this money was going directly towards his project, so perhaps this will lead him to further such ventures to fund his toys.

It's a funny thing that, once I start looking for them, I can always think of so many more things to be grateful for then just three.

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tapestrygirl said...

you are not a loser. you are just doing what you are doing until you do something else! be gentle with you!!! i love you! (glad you got the card....xoxo)j