Thursday, March 17

Drum roll please...

Well, the test is over and the scores are in, at least most of them. My total score was just about where I wanted it to be. I scored better on the Quantitative section then I had expected, however I did worse on the verbal then I hoped. I don't find out my score on the Analytical Essays for about two weeks and they are what I was really nervous about.

So my total was a 1290 (out of 1600) and with a quantitative score of 720 and a Verbal of 570. Oddly enough, both scores are about the 78th percentile for their sections. So I guess it all just depends upon the analytical score. The mean is a 4.2 (out of 6). I don’t know what Library school will expect my score to be, but I’m hoping for a 4.5. I think I can live with a 4, but lower than that and I will really need to work on the essay section and retake the whole test. My gut feeling is that I’ll need to retake it.

I have to say I’m proud that I managed to pretty much stay on track and prepare so well; although I know I should have put a little more of an emphasis on the Essay section. My scores were 33% higher than they were on the diagnostic test I took last summer. When I did my SATs eons ago I took them cold, I didn’t quite understand that you could prepare for such things, but then that’s where I was at the time.

I’ve really enjoyed working on my vocabulary for the verbal section. Even if I don’t retake the GRE, I’m going to continue my work of expanding my vocabulary. I may not use big words often, but I really enjoy being able to understand them when I come across them.


tapestrygirl said...

yay!!! congrats my friend! you did great! you have a nice cocktail and take a bubble bath or something fun!

Kristina said...

Congratulations! A good feeling to have it behind you, no?

Lora said...

Wonderful! Thanks!