Thursday, March 17

Flitting about

I’ve been so focused on my test that I haven’t really shared or processed much of anything else lately; I do have a tendency to do such things.

First of all, I would like to say how incredibly ashamed of our country for approving drilling in the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and for how it was nicely played down by the press in favor of headlines about the Peterson sentencing. Well, I guess Bush is going to use what time he can to create a real backlash come the next election.

My dear husband had a little accident yesterday. He sprained his ankle stepping from the sidewalk to the street. He knew he hurt it, but he did absolutely nothing about it. No ice! No elevation! No compression! No Advil! And, of course, I was just making a big fuss. Well, surprise, surprise, he woke up this morning with a bright red ankle the size of a football. Since he did it while working, they sent him to the ER, where they got him all taken care of.

But he is just so pathetic… there really is no nice way to put it. He just falls to pieces when he’s sick or injured. I just don’t get it. I know he’s in pain, but I just wish I was skilled enough with my words to create a visual image of this forty-something year old rather lumbering man who has no clue of how to use crutches hobbling around our tinny little townhouse looking like a lost puppy. Plus, he’s already getting bored and he’s not going to be able to work until at least Sunday. Well, I have no doubt that by Sunday I won’t find him as amusing as I do now. So I guess I will laugh while I can.

Other than that I’m feeling a little lost myself. What to do now that my GRE is done (or so I hope)? I vaguely know that there is a huge pile of things that need my attention, but tomorrow, that’s when I’ll start thinking about such things. For now, life is still on hold.

Oh, and by the by, to any other Sims addicts out there the Sims 2 has just announced a
University Expansion Pack, where you can let your Sims have the ultimate college experience. I’m all excited just thinking about it. Too bad I had to completely remove the Sims 2 from my computer, because I couldn’t stop playing it.

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