Thursday, March 24

An engagement

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with an old friend of mine who is preparing to ask his girlfriend to marry him. They’ve been together for quite a while and have lived together for some time now and he knows she wants to get married. However, he is still so nervous and overwhelmed by the whole ring buying process. He wants to do everything right and make it special, but isn’t quite sure how to do that without spending a lot of money that he doesn’t have. I really have to empathize.

I remember going through all the anticipatory nerves with my wedding and how everything just felt so important at the time, but in retrospect they really weren’t. The nerves and newness of it all just gets so focused on things that really do not matter, things that do nothing to foster your relationship.

My friend could get down on one knee and ask his lady to marry him with nothing but a ring from a gumball machine and she wouldn’t be any less thrilled then if he designed and made the perfect ring for her himself. It’s not about the ring, or the dress, or the reception, or even about walking down the aisle. It’s about that desire they have to share their lives and build a future together. It’s that they’ve found a relationship that they can believe in and people that they really want to do their best for.

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