Friday, April 1

Blasted Scores

I've had such a nice day the sun is shining and I purchased gardening supplies.

However, I came home and in the mail were the results from my GRE analytical essays. I did exactly as I thought. Except that a 3.5 is the 17th percentile. I scored closer to the bottom on the Analytical section then I did to the top on both the Quantitative and the Verbal. I hate being dyslexic. It's turned my strongest suit, analytical, to my weakest due to the essays. I'm just too worked up about this.

I'll tell you all about my plans for my garden tomorrow.


tapestrygirl said...

why do they put subjective stuff on objective tests anyways. sheesh. the nerve. not like we can pick which company's GRE we'd like to take either.

Lora said...

You're the best, babe.