Saturday, April 2

Paying respects

I have to say some thing about the passing of Pope John Paul II. One cannot discuss him without also discussing Catholicism. I am not Catholic, although my father’s family is. I really don’t agree with many of the tenets of the Catholic Church and the reactionary way in which Pope John Paul has led in recent years. However, we are talking about the passing of a man, a well-respected and well-loved man, who has been sick and in pain for a very long time. Of course, I’m sorry to see him go, but I’m glad that he is no longer suffering. May he be at peace. My heart goes out to all that mourn him. I have faith that the Church will continue on as it has for 2000 years. May they choose their next leader well.

Yesterday, I lost somebody dear to me in a similar stage of life. Jim, the dear Irish plumber who has lived next door to my mother for the past twenty years, just passed away. He was 87 years old and his wife, Mary, passed away four years ago. Without her he felt that his life was empty. His body was had become his enemy. He always wanted to do more than it would allow him to do and hated that he was capable of less and less. I was lucky to have had him in my life. He was a true gentleman and full of Irish charm. My heart breaks with the lost of him, but I know that this is what he wanted.

Terri Schiavo, I’m sorry that the debate over her life has caused such controversy. I really feel she was simply a political pawn to those who sought to save her. Her life is over now and I don’t see how that could be any worse than the state she has been in for the past 15 years. May her family start the healing process now. At least people are taking action and writing living wills, to help save their family the tough choice’s that Terri’s family was faced with.

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for the record, my friend, I LOVE YOU DEARLY!!!!!