Tuesday, April 12

Calling all MBTI Enthusiasts

I find personality typing fascinating. So, I am very excited to announce that Marla Swoffer has created a wonderful tool called Type Blogs. It is a blog aggregator based on personality type, allowing you to explore and stay up to date on the blogs of people who experience the world in a similar manner that you do. This also gives you an opportunity to expand your own circle of readers.

You may also notice that I now have a little “INFJ Blogroll” on my sidebar. This is a list of people that have signed up that share my personality type. I have chosen to display this blogroll and so have many of them, increasing links to their sites and to mine.

I encourage you to sign up. If by some chance you haven’t yet been force by one of us zealots to take the test, you may do so for free here.

Gosh, now I may actually have to write about things that people will find interesting!!

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Sue said...

Hi, thanks so much for alerting me to the blog typing thing. I hope to sign up though I'm a bit of a novice at blogging and don't know what a blogroll is... I've been interested in Myers-Briggs for years but only recently discovered that I'm INFJ after many years of thinking I was ISTJ and then more recently ISFJ. But INFJ feels like 'home' at last... now I'll read more of your blog. Sue