Thursday, April 14

Finding the right fit

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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Over the past few days I have spent quite a bit of time reading the blogs that I have discovered due to Type Blogs. I find it quite interesting how different people make claim to the type they are and how they came about discovering that.

I read a comment by an INTP who said, “The test says I am an INTP”; he/she didn’t say it, the was the test that said it. While an INTJ, flat out declared “I’m an INTJ”. Many of the FJ’s seem to enjoy saying that first I thought I was this type, but now I think that I’m this type. While the FP’s are more likely to claim an X in their type; an X is pretty much declaring that both factors describe them equally well. I realize that these observations may not hold up under greater scrutiny, but they are interesting not the less.

I know I definitely feel the urge to share how I came about deciding upon my type. So, if you find my ramling to be to much, please forgive me and go check out the Harry Potter Quiz instead.

The first time I took any kind of type indicator test was in high school and it was a very simple test similar to this one. I came up as an ENFP. I was close on both the E and the P. It was done in class and I never gave it a second thought. I completely forgot about it until several years later when I met my husband and he mentioned something about being an INTJ. I was very curious and I went hog wild on finding out about the whole theory. My husband was convinced that I was a T, his first wife was an ESFJ and in contrast I seemed very logical and this really affected the way I viewed myself. So, I took a test and it came up as an ENTP. However, I quickly realized that I just wished I were more extraverted and decided I was an INTP instead. This wasn’t right and I slowly came to the realization that my understanding of what F and T are was wrong. I can be incredibly logical and direct, although I’m always gentle about it; however, my true quest is to have more meaning in my life and to have a positive impact on people’s lives and the greater good in general. So, INFP; this was definitely closer, but for some reason it just didn’t seem right, but I didn’t know where it was wrong.

I’d like you to know it never once dawned on me that I might actually be a J. I like to think of myself as a very open and easygoing person, however, I know I’m not. I rarely feel organized enough, and I have no idea how people function with out a plan. I can go with the flow with the next gal, but only if I feel prepared. Yes, go ahead and say it. How could I have been so blind? This site, dedicated to the differences between INFP’s and INFJ’s really helped me make this realization.

No, I do not fit the INFJ profile to a t, but that's the beauty of this system. It gives you a theoretical framework in which to understand people's traits, so that you can actually be more observant of their reality without pigeonholing them.


oceanskies79 said...

Hi Lora, I read from this site, that the Interaction style model is quite helpful in distinguishing _NFJ from _N_P.

In the site, it listed a book that one could refer to for more informaton. The book title is Understanding Yourself and Others:
An Introduction to Interaction Styles
by Linda V. Berens

I hope this is of some use.

Lora said...


Thank you, for the recommendation. I actually have looked through this site and information, although I have not seen a copy of the book you mention. The person who created also create the INF_PorJ site and this is the information that made me realize that I am a J not a P

Sue said...

Another Dumbledore here. And another who has tried on other types before landing on INFJ. Oh, I'd also recommend Linda Berens' books and the site about interaction styles INFJs are 'directing' whereas INFPs are 'informing'. That was an 'aha!' moment for me. INFJs (generally) tell people what they'd like them to do. Politely, of course, but like 'please would you do X'. INFPs prefer not to give even the politest of commands or directions, and are more likely to say, 'X needs to be done'. Subtle but significant.

Lora said...

Thanks Sue,

I'm really going to have to pick up one of Linda Berens' books, they seem to be quite insiteful and correct.

Funny thing about communication styles, I know that I can be incredible direct. Often I'll politely inform somebody of a situation and then unless they say or do something indicating immediate action I will follow it up with a "therefore, I need you to..."